What It Means to Be a Brand Retailer

This article explores the world of brand retailing, what it means and how a company’s branding can be tailored to the exact requirements of the sector.

What is brand retailing?

There is no one-size-fits-all process when it comes to any kind of eCommerce build. Creating a website which truly fulfils its purpose, requires the web developer to explore and understand that purpose (in minute detail) before any design work can begin. Because of this thorough understanding, a lot of agencies are able to niche down certain verticals to build strong reputations for a variety of markets.

In a crowded marketplace, any factors which differentiate a business from its competitors are vitally important. Branding is an incredibly crucial element for any successful company; the core of its job is to communicate a promise, reputation and a clear set of business characteristics that a consumer can expect. A brand retailer is a business who has taken this tactic to the fullest extent of its potential. Often, exclusively selling their own branded products or services, and putting an incredible amount of effort and consideration into creating an impression that is felt across all digital platforms and physical points of sale.

Important Considerations

Whenever a retailer puts brand is at the heart of its marketing strategy, a specific set of considerations need to be worked through from the beginning of the design journey. Working with a digital marketing agency puts a considerable amount of experience at the retailers disposal. This should be viewed as a significant asset for any company, however, it is vitally important that the experience on offer works hand-in-hand with the communication of the business’s own specialist expertise and helps to provide a thorough understanding of the brand’s ethos, goals, values and personality. Succeeding at this relies heavily on a very strong client/agency relationship.

This principle is at the heart of our design process. By focusing on communicating the brand, which our clients have built over many years, we are able to build a more successful website. Only when a brand is fully understood can work commence.

Creating the Brand Story

After clearly defining a particular audience, a brand retailer will typically work to communicate a particular lifestyle to it across all facets of the business. Usually, this will include all online experiences, marketing, content strategy and offline engagement. A user’s online experience requires a website which is very empathetic to them and can assist throughout their customer journey. This results in an experience which is far more cohesive, intuitive and adapted to the rest of the brand’s experience.


As we begin to join the dots on the user journey, our goal as web developers is to portray a brand lifestyle, creating very unique and narrative-led static pages. At this point, storytelling is the key factor when it comes to creating an optimised an online experience, which can be enhanced in a variety of ways including; high-quality photography, illustrations and content writing which conveys the voice of the brand.

Our Work with Brands

We really enjoy working with our clients over long periods and seeing their business develop over time. The feeling seems to be mutual too, as on average our working relationships extend over 5 years!

In addition to seeing all the amazing metrics we achieve with our clients – brand retail presents fantastic opportunities to work with companies that possess strong values, a passion for what they do, and of course, exceptional products. Helping our clients tell their stories to new and existing audiences is a great privilege. We look forward to many more years of close collaborations, building new relationships and continuing with the incredible stories our clients are writing.


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